Discourse – Idel Talk Piques and Quarrels

A discourse from RW:. Jore Aladro, Senior Grand Warden of Florida Masons 

Wednesday, January 26th 2011

Dear Brothers:
My Brothers once again, we come to a subject that may be controversial to some degree. I hope you take this in the
spirit that is being discussed which is to be as a means of information and self-evaluation.
So often we hear of problems in Lodges, that have caused a rift among the Brothers, to the point where the Lodge
suffers, attendance is down, no one wants to do anything, Degrees are very poor, maintenance of the building is
not being performed, fund raisers are non-existent, things are going down the tubes. Both sides are right or at
least according to them, and they cannot see the damage they are causing the Lodge, that sort of “can’t see the
forest for the trees type syndrome.”

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