Digest Correction

From RW:. Wayne Wert Dear Brother, M\W\ Richard Lynn has confirmed that paragraph 31.06 in the Masonic Digest is incorrect. As it stands now, it reads: 31.06     A Lodge may receive a petition for the Degrees before the candidate is full 18 years of age, but the ballot must not be spread, or the E.A.…

Dues are 35.00 and 7.30 for LYPMGS a voluntary donation to Grand Lodge 42.30 total.  Ea Degree is 90.00 and has to be paid at time of submittal of petition, FC is 25.00 and MM is 25.00.  It can be paid as you go or in one shot.  Petitions for degrees can be downloaded here.

Date set for Legislative meeting

The Legislative Meeting, where the proposed 2010 Legislation will be discussed, will be held at St. Andrew’s Lodge at 7:00 PM CDT, on Tuesday, April 27, 2010. A representative from Grand Lodge will be there to explain the proposed legislation and Jurisprudence’s recommendations, and the reason for the recommendations.

Masonic Cornerstone Laying by Grand Master

Friday March 5th, the Grand Master of Florida Masons, Most Worshipful Dale L. Goerhig will lay the cornerstone at the new Bay County Library at 10 a.m. in the morning. Please be present and support Bay County Masons as they welcome the Grand Master Here’s the body of an email I received from the DDGM…